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Despite his assertions that he never filed bankruptcy and never defaulted on his debts, these documents prove otherwise.
"Listen if there was any information on me that was legitimate it would be on every Claymate operated blog before it could be verified. That's not moth balls your smelling, that's Claymate desperation.

John Paulus Homepage 10.07.07 -
11:22 pm #"
Posted by John Paulus in a comment on his blog Naked Truth.

Since you asked . . . .

Here it is. This is the first in a series where we will reveal legitimate information Paulus contends does not exist.

He posted in a comment on Naked Truth on June 15, 2006:

John Paulus said...

Hi I am back. I was away for awhile and then I was told
that someone was using my screen name on another blog. These games these people play. The lastest is the posting of my alleged bankruptcy. I thought that I had address that a few months ago and spoke about being a victim of identity theft by a soldier in my unit by the name of Anthony Harrison? They won't post the court papers which fixed it. I will let them play. I have those papers in a box and when I can I just might post those to make them feel stupid again. 12:42 AM

He alleges that someone by the name of Anthony Harrison stole his identity and filed bankruptcy in his name, presumably forging his name and appearing on his behalf in court. Paulus claims that he filed court papers to fix it. Really? Let's examine the real court papers.

Below is his bankruptcy petition:
Click on images to enlarge.

Please notice the signature on the second page of the official bankruptcy petition and compare it to the signature on the mortgage Paulus signed on property he used to own in Ft. Lauderdale (which will be the subject of a future blog). The signature on the mortgage was notarized, leaving no doubt that Paulus signed it himself. There is no doubt that the signatures on both documents are identical.

There are no "court papers which fixed it." This was a legitimate bankruptcy, signed and filed by Paulus to discharge all his debts. The case proceeded through the bankruptcy system in an orderly fashion and was concluded with a Discharge of Debtor signed by the bankruptcy judge:

He lied and it wasn't the first or last time. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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